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Pricing depends on the volume of interviews you require. Please get in touch to see a demo and to receive a quotation based on your needs.


The magic of DUCHESS is its ability to ask the questions you need answered, then elicit more insight from an interviewee with intelligent follow-on questions, based on an interviewee's response.

DUCHESS offers an infinitely-scalable, semi-structured interview tool. However, this variability can make it difficult to understand its capabilities in just one demo interview. To help better understand what DUCHESS can do, we've included some real-world examples below. We've kept the verbatim transcript unedited, so you can gauge speech-to-text performance for yourself; as you can see, apart from the occasional oddly-transcribed "COVID", it's pretty good! 


On average, DUCHESS increased data capture by 72% for these questions by automating the follow-on question process.

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